Meet Oqtor, your AI-designer.

Let our smart algorithms generate pixel-perfect designs tailored to your brand


Stunning designs are only part of the story

We also bring your designs to life by having them professionally printed & delivered to your doorstep in only a few days.

Flyers, letterheads, roll-ups & more will be coming soon

Let Oqtor generate your design for free

Order them only when you're satisfied

All it takes is 3 simple steps

1. Tell Oqtor about yourself

Express your organization's identity using our interactive creative brief

2. Let us generate your design

Based on your unique characteristics Oqtor will generate the best design tailored to your business.

3. Have it printed & delivered to your doorstep

Once satisfied order your design and have it professionally printed and shipped to your location.

Professional designs in a fraction of a second

with all the necessary freedom to personalize further

Frequently Asked Questions

Your burning questions answered

How do you differentiate from other design tools?

Oqtor is not a design tool, Oqtor is a non-human designer.

We handle everything from A (the initial design) to Z (the final printing) in a seamless way, and we want you to have a zero friction experience by instantly generating quality designs that match your brand.

We are easier to use, 10x times faster, and we offer a better experience than current solutions!

When will the other types of designs come?

For now we can only generate business cards, but we’re working hard to make possible to generate all kind of designs ranging from online ads to roll-ups.

We can’t give a specific date right now on when other types of designs will be available, but we have nice surprises coming in the following months, subscribe to our upcoming page here so we can give you exclusive early-access to new features.

Will others be able to use the same design?

It’s important to note that no designer can 100% guarantee that no one will ever come up with a similar design.

As we base our designs on unique characteristics from your brand (your logo, font, website etc..) the chances for you to have the same design as someone else is unlikely.

You can therefore safely assume that your design will be unique.

How is the design generation being done?

Our designs are created by professional human designers, and adapted to your unique characteristics by our smart algorithms (we use computer vision algorithms to mathematically represent your brand, and match it with the best designs available in our database).

As we’re working hard to improve the quantity and the quality of the inputs used to understand your brand, our results will exponentially improve over time (if you’re interested to work with us, let’s chat!).

If there is an issue with the printing, what can you do?

We can’t refund your design as we offer the ability to preview your design in full prior to purchase, but if there’s an issue with the shipping or a defect in the printing we’ll offer you the ability to reorder again free of charge. Simply contact us here.

Can I download the design only?

We offer the ability to download your designs once your order them, but currently we do not offer the option to only download them without having them printed and shipped.

Do I own the full right to my purchased design?

Yes you do, you can use them both commercially or non-commercially, the only thing you can’t do is to resell them (but you can express your interest here if you ever want to do so).

Let Oqtor generate your design for free

Order them only when you're satisfied